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About Alchemy Nutra

Alchemy Nutra was founded in 2019 by two brothers who decided to use their years of experience in the supplement industry and turn it into a company they would want to order products from. They knew what mattered most was quality products on the shelf ready to go. When we talk about quality what you see is the same thing from every single supplement manufacturer. This is where we normally would go on and on about following GMP guidelines from testing raw ingredients to our cleaning processes and sterilization of equipment to testing final products.

Experience and Quality

The thing is everyone in the industry has to follow the same set of rules. What we do is unique. We are focused primarily on private label products. We work with the best formulators to create unique products that actually have the correct amount of each ingredient so your customer can get the benefits you are marketing. Also, as a supplement manufacturer, we can even make slight changes to an existing formula to give you a unique product.