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Have You Ever Heard of National Hemp Month?

By June 23, 2020July 31st, 2020No Comments
Hemp leaves grow

Have you heard of National Hemp Month? It happens every July and was founded in 2019 by a nationally recognized consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand. The purpose of the National Hemp Month is to promote the benefits of hemp-based products, as well as to help the public understand the myths surrounding hemp products. 


We can prepare ourselves for this campaign by learning what it is and why it exists!


Raise public awareness of the hemp industry


Hemp is one of the oldest industries on earth. Its history started in 8,000 BC. Throughout history, hemp industries have faced challenges and obstacles. Since the 1990s, hemp industries have slowly come back to their business. With different confusions and obstacles in the past, the public has some misunderstanding of hemp products. 


Founding it provides a public opportunity for you to uncover the myths about the hemp industry and products. It is an opportunity to learn new things that may benefit us more than we can ever imagine.


Observe National Hemp Month together


How can you show support to the National Hemp Month and participate in this meaningful day for hemp industries? You can simply start by learning more about what hemp is and its history. 


You can also show support by looking up your local hemp farmers and research hemp-derived products. The hemp farmers have worked so hard to grow and produce high-quality products for our benefits. Check out the products they have to offer and find the best way to support them. We also have varieties of hemp products here at Alchemy Nutra for you to discover something new. 


There is also a National Hemp Day which is on February 4th for the same purpose to help everyone learning about hemp products. No matter what you have already known about the hemp industries or what you may think it is, gives it a try in the coming National Hemp Month in July to learn more!


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