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Six Great Benefits of Hemp-Based Coffee 

By March 18, 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments
Hemp Coffee

While many people enjoy their normal coffee every day, not many people know about Hemp coffee or the additional benefits that it has over traditional coffee. While hemp coffee is made of the same roasted beans that normal coffee has, it has the additional benefits that hemp provides including more protein, omega fatty acids and an assortment of other benefits. 

Benefits of Coffee


Caffeine is shown to be a natural booster of energy for people and can do a lot to help people’s cognitive abilities as well. Caffeine blocks adenosine, an inhibitory transmitter and increases the production of norepinephrine and dopamine which increases the activity of neurons in the brain. This boosts memory, reaction times, mood, and general cognitive abilities of the brain. 


In addition to boosting brain activity, caffeine has been shown to boost metabolism in people by 3% to 11%. This aids in the burning of fat and can help along with diet and exercise in the loss of weight in individuals. Because caffeine releases more fat into the bloodstream, the body has more additional fuel to run off of when exercising. This can boost a person’s exercise performance out on the field by 10%. 



Coffee contains an assortment of antioxidants and other nutrients that our bodies need. These include riboflavin, vitamins b5, manganese, magnesium, potassium, and niacin. Studies show that coffee is the highest source of antioxidants in the western diet. Antioxidants are important to cellular health and help prevent premature aging and are shown to help with preventing cancer as well.  


Great for Brain and overall Health

Coffee has shown to help prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. The brain-boosting effects of coffee may also help with the preservation of the brain through older age. Regular coffee drinkers are shown to have a 60% less chance of getting either disease.


Coffee’s stimulating effects have also shown to help with the symptoms of depression. Liver health has also been shown to be improved with the regular drinking of coffee. The risk of stroke and heart disease has also been shown to be lowered with regular consumption of coffee. 


Benefits of Hemp in Coffee

Omega 3’s and 6’s 

With Hemp Coffee, you get all the benefits of coffee along with the additional benefits of Hemp. Hemp contains many vitamins and minerals that aid in health.  These include Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are essential for maintaining weight and brain health. Omega fatty nutrients have been shown to aid with the symptoms of depression and assist with your heart health, doing much to prevent heart disease.

Great Source of Fiber and Protein

 Hemp is a great source of fiber in one’s diet. Fiber aids in the digestion system and helps with weight maintenance.  Hemp contains many of the complete proteins that we need to build muscle and maintain health, making it an excellent source of plant-based protein. 

Additional Vitamins

In addition to being a great source of plant-based protein and omega fats, hemp is also a great source of zinc, magnesium, Vitamin E, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and zinc. Combine this with the nutrients that coffee already has and you have a super drink on your hands. 



Hemp-based coffee combines the health benefits of coffee and hemp into one superfood drink. The addition of omega fatty acids helps make coffee a great tool for maintaining our cognitive health and is a great source of vitamins and minerals to start our mornings off. Anybody who enjoys coffee should consider giving hemp-based coffee a try.

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