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Why CBD Gummies Are All the Rage and What You Need to Know

By November 30, 2020No Comments

You may have heard of gummy vitamins–made famous by the Flintstones–but have you heard of CBD gummies? Within the last few years CBD, in many forms, has made quite the wake in the health and wellness industry. Most commonly sold and used in an oil form. There is now an easier (and tastier) way to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of CBD. 


What is CBD? 

First off, what is this stuff? CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of the naturally occurring active ingredients found in the cannabis or hemp plant. The ingredient is usually extracted from the plant in an oil form. 


CBD is a part of the cannabis plant. On its own, it cannot cause a “high” as marijuana would. Many people wonder, because of its association with marijuana, if CBD can get you high. Since CBD has no trace of THC, the major ingredient found in marijuana, it is impossible to create a high sensation.


What Are the Benefits?  

There is much evidence for CBD’s effectiveness in treating epilepsy–especially in children. In addition to this common use, CBD has also been known to help with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. 


While there are rampant claims that CBD is a “cure-all” drug, there is no evidence of this. Use caution in purchasing CBD products from institutions that make such claims. 


Different Ways to Use CBD

Since its natural state is an oil substance, it can be easily taken in many forms. One of those popular forms is gummies. Anyone who has taken a gummy vitamin knows how simple, convenient, tasty it can be. 


The creative ways to use CBD in everyday life are expanding. In addition to gummies, which are considered “edibles,” CBD is commonly used as an oil in the same way essential oils are used. 


CBD is commonly found in lotions, soaps, and other creams for your skincare routine.  


There are also pills or capsules with CBD and other vitamins that can be ingested.  


Is CBD Safe? 

There have been studies that have shown certain side effects of CBD, some of which include nausea, irritability, and fatigue. As with any medication, it is considered wise to consult a doctor or medical professional before taking new medication. 


The use of CBD oil to treat epilepsy has been fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


Some states in the United States prohibit the consumption of unprescribed CBD oil. It is recommended to consider your local laws and health state before consuming anything with CBD. 


It’s crucial to make sure any product you are consuming is approved by the FDA for your safety. All products manufactured and sold by Alchemy Ultra approved by the FDA.  


CBD Gummies on the Market

Like any new product that is sweeping the market, there is a wide variety to choose from. If one thing is for certain, you should never compromise on quality. 


If what you’re looking for is private label CBD gummies that are affordable and high-quality, Alchemy Nutra will have all you need. Not just CBD products, but a wide range of weight loss, skincare, and other health products for your well-being are all available. 


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